Major/Minor in German

The Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures welcomes all students who wish to study German at UVA! Professor Julia Gutterman is the department’s Director of Undergraduate Programs and the Coordinator of the German Language Program. She can be reached at Email her with any questions about German such as the German minor and major, course offerings, the German language sequence, or the placement test.

What are the German Programs?  How can I major or minor in German?

To major or minor in German, a student must first complete courses through the intermediate level (German 2020). Students who have a score of 620 on the CEEB German Achievement Test or the University’s German Placement Test or a 5 on the College Board German Advanced Placement exam may also commence work toward the major.

Interdisciplinary-German Studies BA/German Studies

Students must complete 30 credits (usually 10 courses) beyond GERM 2020. German Studies: GETR 3330, Introduction to German Studies (Pre-Req.); five (5) courses must have German as the language of instruction, three of which must be: GERM 3000 (Intensive Grammar), GERM 3010 (Introduction to Literature), either GERM 3110 or 3120 (Surveys of German Literature) or an approved substitution. Additionally, German Studies majors will devise in consultation with their German Department advisor and, where necessary, an advisor from outside the German Department an individualized program that includes two relevant courses in a specific area of concentration (e.g. history, philosophy, politics, or art history) and three additional courses from departmental offerings (GETR or GERM) or from approved courses offered by the Departments of History, Media Studies, Drama, Art History, Philosophy, Politics, Sociology, Music, Religious Studies, Anthropology, and the School of Architecture. It is strongly recommended that all students take at least one course in modern German history. Up to 12 credits may be transferred from other institutions in the USA or abroad (prior approval required).  

German BA/German Literature

Students must complete 30 credits (usually 10 courses) in German at the 3000 level or above, including GETR 3330, Introduction to German Studies, GERM 3010, 3110 or 3120, 4600, and at least one additional German literature course. GERMAN PROFICIENCY EXAM REQUIRED FOR EXEMPTION FROM GERM 3000, INTENSIVE GRAMMAR. Enrollment in any 5000-level course requires the instructor's permission. Beyond GETR 3330, one additional GETR/YITR course may be taken toward the major. Up to 12 credits may be transferred from other institutions (prior approval required).

German Studies Minor/German Minor

Students must complete 18 semester hours (usually 6 courses) in German at the 3000-level or above, including GERM 3000 (Intensive Grammar) and GERM 3010 (Introduction to Literature). One GETR/YITR course and one independent study may be counted toward the minor. Up to nine credits may be transferred from other from other institutions in the USA or abroad (prior approval required). 

Distinguished Majors Program (DMP)

The DMP program is available both to German BA/German Literature and Interdisciplinary-German Studies BA students presenting an overall GPA of 3.400 and a letter of recommendation from a department faculty member. The honors thesis is to be submitted by April 25.  For requirements, see the German Department’s Director of Undergraduate Programs.

The German House

The Department currently maintains a "German House" in which a group of undergraduates and a German-speaking graduate student reside. As a part of UVA housing, the German House is located near the campus as part of the Shea House on Brandon Avenue and is often a meeting place for undergraduates, graduates and faculty of the Department.


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