Dorothe Bach

Associate Director & Associate Professor, Center for Teaching Excellence

Hotel D, 24 East Range

Office Hours: By Appointment


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Book Reviews

Baugher, J. E., & Bach, D. (2015). Contemplative practices in higher education: powerful methods to transform teaching and learning. International Journal for Academic Development, 1-4.

Awards, Grants and Honors

  • Nominee for Casteen Award John T. Casteen III Diversity-Equity-Inclusion Leadership Award  (2015)
  • POD Network Innovation Award Winner with  M. Palmer and A. Streifer (Measuring the Promise: A Valid and Reliable Syllabus Rubric, 2014)
  • University of Virginia Z Society Award (2013)
  • University of Virginia Seven Society Award in recognition for “devotion to the academic life of the University” and for opening “the hearts and minds of students" (2012)