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Beth Bjorklund

Professor Emeritus

In Memoriam


Beth was born in 1942, to the late Robert C. and Doris H. Mollerstrom Bjorklund in Minnesota. Beth achieved many scholarly degrees and honors and attained a PhD. She became a professor of German Language, Literature and Poetry at University of Virginia. Dr. Bjorklund was the author, editor and translator of many articles, poems and publications throughout her career, too many to list, however among them, A Study in Comparative Prosody: English and German Jambic Pentameter (author), Night Train, by Friederike Mayrocker (Translator), and Contemporary Austrian Poetry: An Anthology (Editor and Translator). Dr. Bjorklund taught for 30 years and retired as Professor Emeritus in 2012. She is highly respected by the university community. Dr. Bjorklund had a personal commitment to assisting immigrants with adapting to and engaging in their civic responsibilities. It was her goal to support new citizens in becoming prosperous and responsible members of the Greater Charlottesville area.